Whether your full-time law enforcement officer, retired officer, private investigator, or Security officer, we are a job placement center can put you in touch with security and investigative companies that are looking to hire personnel.  Please note: we are not a licensed agency that directly hires personnel for security and/or investigative jobs. What we do is we formulate a secure, trusted, and referenced database comprised of men and women who are professional law enforcement and private law enforcement individuals. We find people who have a desire to seek part-time , or at times full-time security placement in which is conducive to one's scheduled, skills, ability, and liking. Once you sign up via this Web site and are approved, you are placed on a secure list that is representative to your needs and geographical area.  Once  jobs comes to us, say asking for four (4) off duty officer detail wearing plain casual attire to work Saturday and Sunday during the day eight (8) hours, a text message will be send to your cell phone with a secure Web Hyper-Link detailing the assignment's directives, work times, pay, persons needed and length of the assignment. Once a member applies, you will then get a final text link with detailed information on the name of the firm and their direct contact information. (Please note: Once the Blue Signal Text goes out, it is based upon a first some first serve bases for job placement.  

Signing Up (No Fees!)

Many law enforcement and private security personnel are searching for serious, well-paying and trustworthy employment in Illinois, and at times, through-out the U.S.  We understand the field, we understand the jobs, and that is why we only work with trusted security and investigative firms that are in good standing with Illinois law along with positive employment practices. Hourly rates, expenses, details about the assignment, scheduling and other means of information will be provided to our members in confidence.  Keep in mind, that one will be dealing directly with the company that we place you in contact with and assured privacy procedures will be in place. Pick and choose what you want!  Many times, however, jobs will come up fast and needful, we have no control over that. When a firm needs security protection placement, they will usually call us last minute. The good thing however, some jobs are scheduled in advance and you will have better time and prepare and except.  If you don't want to be bothered for every assignment that is cool too. Just inform us that you can work certain days and times and we will do our best to place you when a job comes in that is best suited.  

Current Police Officer

If you are a current sworn police officer you can work side jobs as long as you get the approval of your supervisor and you must fill out a form called VPEC listed in the PDF file below. Being a current police officer will allow one to work armed and will also not be mandatory to obtain a P.E.R.C. from the state.  Please click on the three PDF files below and fill them out and e-mail them back to us or mail to us. 



W-9 Form

Retired Police Officer

If you are a retired police officer you can work protection jobs as long has long as you have a valid  P.E.R.C.  card issued by the State of Illinois and and a IROC Carry Concealed Firearm card issued by your past department if you want to be armed. If you do not have a valid PERC card, please review the PDF links below in order to get started.  There are State fees associated with this process but the card will be your indefinitively so you can work for any other agency! 1. You must get finger print scanned by a local vendor. 2. You must fill out the PERC card application after yu are scanned and submit your TCN number on the application along with it.  Please call us if you have questions at: 847 803-6922.  Fill out the application, PERC form (if you do not have one) and tax form and e-mail us the information or mail it to us.   


P.E.R.C. Card Application form

W-9 Form

Spreading the Word!

Spread the word! Many individuals and/or groups in law enforcement was need the extra income. We do well when everybody gets a chance to work!  We even have special categories for work as well! Say one is a fire investigator, tell us! Say your a Homicide Detective, tell us!  We can best match you up for the job that suits you. 

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Temporary Employment for:

Off Duty/Retired Police - Private Investigators - Security Officers & Protection Agents Call: 847 803-6922