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Welcome to The Blue Signal. Chicagoland's premier temporary job placement source for off duty law enforcement personnel and private security professionals.  This on-line source was founded and created by former and current law enforcement professionals who embarked upon the idea and inherent need for part-time extra side work for dedicated men and women who serve their communities and may need to earn some extra money from side-jobs. 

Security side jobs that you can choose from...Day, night, weekends, etc.


Signing up is free and information is NEVER shared or sold to the open market.  When one signs up, your information like your name, e-mail address and cell phone number will be listed on our secured proprietary database and it will not be accessible to the public, or even other LE personnel or members. All we ask in the beginning is proof that one is either a current law enforcement officer and/or a retired officer. In the matter of private security and investigative personnel, we will ask for the same proof and keep that information secured as well. 


The way this service works, is that when a security side job is offered by a security or investigative firm, we send a text message Web link to your cell phone with all the details to see if you're interested in the job. This is a first come first serve situation, however, lob listings are frequent and they pay decently. The pay scale and all the other details of the job will be included for your review. 

Side Jobs Offered:

Corporate Security


Armed or unarmed corporate security services involving personnel. 

Crowd Control/Event Security


Concerts, events, and other forms of event security services.

Executive Protection/Bodyguard 


Armed or unarmed security services involving high net worth individuals and celebrities. 

Special Investigations


Private sector and non-police type investigations

Surveillance Services


Building surveillance and residential monitoring services.

Security Officers/Private Investigators


We often have job placement for private security personnel and investigators. 


Many firms and organizations are looking for professional off duty officers, former law enforcement and private security personnel to fulfill temporary, and in some cases, full-time positions. Many licensed security and investigative firms have a responsive desire to fill part-time and temporary positions on demand but have no way to effectively hire and communicate with police and security personnel--until now.

We take pride and honor in presenting effective ways to obtain temporary employment  for hard-working civil servants that put their lives on the line for their communities.  Our goal is secure trustworthy good paying for public and private law enforcement personnel that will assist in better living standards and maintain a better way of life. Welcome aboard!  We are 100% trusted and dedicated business owners and we are former law enforcement.  Any and all information will be screened and protected.  No fees, no sign cost--free baby!


We find local temporary security, investigative and protection assignments that will fit your needs for extra compensation 24/7 365!


Executive Protection

Armed/Unarmed close protection services for high-net worth individuals and families.

Corporate  Security

Armed/Unarmed security for corporate environments & executive personnel

Surveillance Services

Surveillance and fixed watch positions for homes, businesses and office buildings.



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